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I approach all of my therapeutic relationships (including individual therapy) from a Family Systems framework meaning that I believe no individual functions in isolation or "on an island."  Everyone operates within a reciprocal relationship with those around them, especially their family members.  Just as family members have an impact on one another, shared experiences and community factors have an impact on how the family functions as well. I also strongly believe that there is no "right or wrong" formula for what a family is or should be.  I am supportive of, and open, to all forms of family, "traditional" or not.


When working with families I aim to get to know each individual and what role they play in the context of the family system.  Once I gain an understanding of the family interactions, relationships and dynamics, I will work with them on identifying various patterns, helpful and/or unhelpful.  Family Therapy will also examine various family strengths and resiliency factors and how they can be used to address unmet needs or unhelpful patterns.  Other topics discussed in Family Therapy may include establishing and enforcing healthy boundaries, setting clear limits and rules (implicit and explicit), working on communication patterns, exploring intergenerational and shared trauma, re-establishing parental authority and reorganizing the family structure.


I specialize in helping families work through some of the most challenging situations that life throws at them including frequent conflict, acting-out child behaviors, threats to harm self and other family members, becoming involved in the foster care system, abuse/neglect allegations, loss of a loved one and traumatic grief and other intergenerational family trauma.

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